Yoga for PCOS

Yoga for PCOS works by optimizing glandular function so as to harmonize the delicate interconnected balance of hormonal secretions within the endocrine system. The simple yogic techniques in the Yoga for PCOS program have helped many women find peace, comfort and healing. When we balance and harmonize our bodies, minds and emotions and the hormones come into balance, it feels like the world opens up, and healing becomes a natural state. The Yoga for PCOS program really works.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition caused by hormonal imbalances. When PCOS is diagnosed it is because the hormones in a woman’s body are not signaling to one another in harmony.

PCOS is diagnosed as result of hormones in a woman’s body that are not being released in harmony with other glandular functions. Often times women with PCOS experience lethargy, chronic fatigue, uncomfortable bloating, and weight gain. And for women with PCOS the symptoms become so frustrating because nothing seems to work. Diets and conventional exercise do not have any effect because they do not directly affect or balance the glandular system. It can be so exasperating that it may lead to a chronic negative self image, and depression, which in turn triggers an additional domino effect of imbalanced hormonal secretions.

Normally insulin production by the pancreas is kept in control by specific hormones from the pituitary that are triggered by sensors of blood sugar. But women with PCOS have overabundant insulin production, which in turn leads to cellular insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that controls cellular uptake of blood sugar so it can be burned into energy. This hormone operates in delicate balance with blood sugar levels and the pituitary gland. When the pancreas becomes chronically out of balance and too much insulin is released, glucose becomes stored in the body as fat, rather than being used by the cells energy. This lack of cellular glucose uptake causes women with PCOS to feel chronic fatigue, uncomfortable bloating and stubborn weight gain for no apparent reason. Many women with PCOS find themselves depressed as well. The depression is partially a result of ongoing hormonal imbalance, but also from ongoing exhaustion, and seeming loss of control of the physical body.

Yet the underlying reason is in the delicate orchestration of hormones, and that orchestration can be healed with these simple kundalini yoga techniques. I know many women who suffer with PCOS, and it is so challenging. You are not alone. I want to share something with you all – your body can heal. You may not believe it yet and it may take patience, but I have seen many women with PCOS be healed with yoga combined with a positive shift in mindset. I have seen miracles from the Yoga for PCOS program.

Yogi Bhajan explained methods of balancing hormones with kundalini yoga years before PCOS was a diagnosis. Specific exercises and movements from these ancient yogic traditions, act directly upon on the glands so as to stabilize and optimize hormonal secretions, and harmonize and the orchestration between the interconnected hormonal functions in the body.

When is comes to glandular function, very subtle changes can have massive results. The actual amount of hormone being secreted is so tiny that not long ago medical scientists believed that these bio chemicals could not possibly be of adequate amount to have any effect whatsoever in the body. Scientists now know that our entire mood, behavior, weight gain and loss, metabolism and even conception is entirely dependent on the balance of these tiny amounts of hormones in our bloodstream. The orchestration and balance of hormones in the human body is a biological miracle. The balance is so delicate, and at the same time modern lives of many women are so pressurized, that it becomes easy for one’s hormonal balance to go out of kilter. But with these powerful techniques in Yoga for PCOS, the glands can heal, optimize and hormonal balance can be brought back into harmony. And then its as though a new life opens up. Part of the miracle is that this program is simple. There is not any pushing involved. It takes surrender, trust and and open-mind.

In the “Yoga for Abundance and Miracles” video there is a section for the “Fertility Dance”. This is an amazingly transformative yet simple and fun exercise, in which one connects the breath with movement and thoughts with love and healing. I highly recommend this work for any of you who may be suffering from PCOS or hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain. This exercise is one part of the Yoga for PCOS program.

I truly understand the frustration in having a body that will not cooperate. Yet the balance really does begin with our thoughts. Through the techniques of Yoga of PCOS you can become aligned with the healing so that the flow of energy begins, and life unfolds beautifully. I promise that it can happen for you. If you are suffering and frustrated with PCOS, please trust that this information can be a magical gift for you. You are entitled to living a life full of happiness and health. It is your birthright. Love is all around you.

I highly recommend this app for those of you who have been diagnosed with PCOS. I have seen the work on this app help many women successfully overcome challenges due to PCOS. You can download it from the iTunes app store by clicking on the button below.