"Let us receive miraculous angels in our gardens. When we plant a healthy seed in a fertile and receptive home... shower it with love, trust and nurture we can accept and embrace the magnificent gifts of bloom." Karena Virginia

Yoga for Women

Yoga for Women is a sacred and very special practice for hearts to connect and uplift. The true soul of a woman is pure, innocent, open and compassionate. It is the grace of a woman that gives her power. The miracle of a woman is that she has the intuitive ability to know everything she needs to know, and the capacity to love from an open heart of purity and graciousness. The Yoga for Women program allows women to tap into the natural flow of gracefulness and love, while recognizing that it is with deep heartfelt compassion for others that we receive the miracles of life.

Do you ever long for an embraced environment of women who truly care about you? Do you want to be amidst women who remind you of the gift of your beauty and talents? Have you ever spent too much time with women who were not connected to their higher selves, and drained you of your precious life force, by reminding you of all your insecurities? Yes, those are the days when we wish we spent our self-love time reading a great book and taking a bath? We have all been there.

As women we become mirrors for one another, therefore our light can uplift and inspire. What we see in another is often a reflection of what we see in ourselves. When we recognize our beauty and grace as women, we draw beautiful and graceful women into our lives. When we love ourselves unconditionally without expecting perfection, we love our girlfriends deeply. The world is vast, and there is enough love for everyone. When we come from a place of abundance instead of lack, we truly want the best for others. In the light of love we are open to helping others succeed and find true happiness. I have been quite blessed to have beautiful friends in my life, and believe these lovely women feel very safe and loved by me. I do not feel that the giving and friendship they so generously share would be as genuine if it did not blossom from a safe and full heart…. a heart that felt taken care of and listened to. This is the law of the true girlfriend!

We are entering a new paradigm in our world where the feminine light and grace shall prevail. The beauty of this time is that it is with our grace that the miracles unfold. We do not need to push. We do not need to work so hard, and we truly can enjoy beautiful moments with kindred spirits who long for community and happiness. We are in this together. Let’s rejoice in the sacred bond that we were created to share. Let’s love to love, and live from our hearts with that love. The old ways of struggling are no longer working, and the old paradigm of competition is just exhausting. Shine. You are beautiful, and you deserve to live a happy life full of abundance and joy.

The Yoga for Women technology will enable you to tap into your higher self with love over fear. Yoga for Women will teach you new tools for acceptance over judgment, and self-care as a priority for living your life optimally and joyously. You deserve to be happy, and you are entitled to living a life of bliss. We can ask and receive when we pay attention to the gentle voice that longs to be heard… “You are perfect just the way you are.” Let’s do this together. xo

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