Sound Radiance

Sound is a vibration at the subatomic level. All matter is vibrating, the atoms that make up matter are in constant motion within themselves. As humans we have a wonderful gift to be able to control sound in many beneficial ways. This powerful physical phenomenon that we experience as sound, and which we have learned to employ as a vehicle for communication, is quite miraculous. By learning to consciously use sound we can generate profound changes in our consciousness, in our cells and in bringing in peace and joy to others. Have you ever payed really close attention to the sounds around you? Even the stillness of near silence?

The Sufis were among the pioneers of exploring the basis of the mind, body and sound connection. They deeply immersed in the analysis of how sounds and vibrations affect the body and mind. One of the Sufi’s amazing meditative techniques involved using single-toned chanting which proved to show incredible miracles in their culture at the time.

“The existence of our physical body, our thoughts and feelings are dependent on the laws of vibrations.” ~ Inayat Khan
Today physicians and scientists are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of sound vibration on healing the physical body and emotional state. The vibrational harmony of sound can manifest a shift that will allow miraculous healing to occur.
Meditative techniques that use sound and mantra with sound are proving to bring about healing in the body and mind while at the same time elevating the vibration and the essence of the soul. Our health responds to our mood, and our mood responds to sound. We all have experienced how sound has the ability to change our mood. Sometimes we may listen to loud rock music, while other days we crave classical soft tunes. I have found that my ears are becoming more sensitive to sound, and my nervous system feels shaken with noises that may have been acceptable to me in the past. This is occurring with many of us these days, and it is interesting to observe the changes that are taking place.
In Sound Yoga, we consciously use the amazing power of sound to bring about specific affects for health, spirituality and emotional well being. Music has been used for eons to affect our mood. Sound Yoga uses harmonies to create specific moods and vibrations that heal by creating new patters of vibration within the cells, within the DNA and which elevate the consciousness.

Harmony is the attractive and balancing principle of vibration. Vibrations are harmonious when they support, attract and balance each other. Harmony is the science of how vibrations interact beneficially to create balance, healing and attraction. When our thoughts are balanced, we contribute to our body being healthy, and we automatically increase our attraction to abundance and prosperity.

How do we find our inner harmony? We harmonize finite and infinite on a daily basis. When we plant our feet firmly into the finite essence of earth and at the same time we connect our spirit with the beautiful essence of the infinite, we create a harmony between the manifestation of earth and the grace of heaven. We can be present and radiant beings attracting light and love to earth. Our true essence is one of light, sound and breath.

It always amazes me to observe the transformation that students experience from uplifting sound currents. We play mantra in our home continuously, and our children sleep with the sound current on low volume every evening. When we sleep with the mantra in the air, it is as if angels are singing to us and bathing us softly with their light.
One of my favorite ways to unwind for the evening is with a warm bath, chamomile tea, some lovely rose scented candles and beautiful soft music. You can clear away anything that is not serving your higher self by bathing yourself in sound and warmth before going to sleep.