Relax and Attract with Karena

Combining the ancient yogic tools of soothing, mood enhancing sounds with gentle, affirmative guidance, this app will help deepen your relaxation, infusing your psyche with positive thoughts so you can manifest the life of your dreams. The app is designed to help you immerse into the loveliness of your own being with special relaxations for morning, midday and evening, so you can allow yourself to receive the blessings that the universe has for you. Special affirmations by world renowned yoga instructor and spiritual coach Karena Virginia will enable you to deeply relax and open your heart, while activating abundance, love and miracles in your life.

The relaxation app works very quickly. Many people find themselves in a state of heightened relaxation within a minute. Shifting your thoughts away from the stress responses of comparison and fear, and into the frequency of love, will magnetize and activate the natural responses of synchronicity and miracles. This app makes it so easy – and allows you to take the miracle response with you wherever your ear buds can go – at home, while traveling, commuting, during lunch or while getting ready for an important event.

Unlocking your potential to lift up and out of the resistant mindset is essential at this time. We are living in a new age of heightened possibilities. Miracles are closer now than ever before. Join Karena as she shares amazing gifts which will enable you to rest deeply and quickly, while activating the highest potential of who you can be.

App Features

  • six guided meditations for morning, afternoon, and night created by Karena help you quickly relax and allow the flow of abundance in your life
  • short variations of each guided meditation are free and longer versions can be easily purchased in-app
  • six different specially selected background sounds and music can be mixed and matched with guided meditations, allowing for over thirty-six variations
  • quiet the background sounds and just listen to Karena’s soothing voice for deep soul impact
  • play the background sounds and music alone to create a peaceful environment that will evoke your relaxation response anywhere
  • the sleep timer can turn off the app after you to drift off to sleep
  • universal app supports iPad and iPhone


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