Yoga for Pregnancy

Karena’s Yoga for Pregnancy fuses thousands of years of wisdom, ancient yogic technology and science with the most current knowledge on conscious conception, pregnancy and mothering. The Yoga for Pregnancy program is an exceptional method of prenatal exercise and meditation. Yoga for Pregnancy has the ability to transform the mother’s vibrational state, while integrating an indescribable and sacred partnership. Yoga for Pregnancy uses powerful mantras to create a sacred vibration that reaches both mother, the growing unborn child as well as those in her family. Deep stretches and special breathing techniques prepare your body for childbirth while relaxing your nervous system. Yoga meditations allow the consciousness to attract divine spirit, health and goodness into your entire body. These are exceptional tools for connecting a mother with her child during this miraculous time.

The time of pregnancy a treasure. Yoga for Pregnancy provides a near perfect match to assist a pregnant mother during these precious months of change. Pregnancy is a time that body and mind are brought into harmony with the mother’s soul for the joyful task of bringing a new divine being into existence. Pregnancy is a time to prepare for motherhood, and a mindful harmonious childbirth. Pregnancy is a time when your body is going through extraordinary changes in hormones and structure. It is a period when the child growing in the womb experiences the vibrational state, the breathing and heartbeat of the mother. Pregnancy is a miraculous time to connect deeply with yourself, your child and your partner. It is a time for the sacred becoming manifest as a child, and is one of the most divine moments in our lives when we recognize that miracles are real! Life shifts into the most beautiful land of opportunities as our belly expands. Our intuition expands, and we connect so beautifully to love as truth. Yet, with the love we experience in pregnancy we sometimes allow the mind to go into a place of fear… the illusion of losing that love. The fear is usually due to technology and too much information at our fingertips. Yoga for Pregnancy will help you to stay in the light of love and worthiness, while enjoying your body as it blossoms in a home of miracles. With Yoga for Pregnancy we come back to the realization that we are abundant beings carrying a spark of light in our wombs, and we recognize that fear is almost always false evidence appearing real. Love is the reality, and you are blessed with a miracle.

Students learn techniques which bring one’s identity from the thinking mind into the meditative heart center. When this shift happens from head to heart, then fears dissolve and intuitive wisdom wells up. The mind, body, and spirit become rejuvenated and an inner strength of our timeless soul becomes strong. This enables the mother to tap into the divinity of the moments and magnificently flow with her precious changing body. We learn to surrender our expectations and enjoy the natural grace in our expansion. We laugh and cry. We fall in love with our pregnancies. We prepare our bodies and souls for motherhood. Together with grace we joyfully experience the magnitude of the gifts we are being blessed to receive.