Yoga for Mothers

In the Mommies and Miracles Yoga workshops for Mothers, we learn to connect with our hearts so our giving comes from unconditional love and grace. When practicing Yoga for Mothers, we begin to recognize that we do not have to seek outside of ourselves for approval and comfort. With the Yoga for Mothers technology we become happy, calm, and harmonious women because we learn to surrender our fears, and move with the universal flow of nature. Yoga for Mothers helps us to stop over indulging, and instead learn to enjoy the subtlety of each blessed moment with the ones we love.

The greatest gift a mother can give her family is to take magnificent care of her body, mind and spirit. When you give from a space of fulfillment, you give from a divine abundance and flow that is within you. This is the treasure of light that you can share with your families and loved ones. But often what happens is that the pendulum swings too far in one direction, and we become imbalanced, worn out and frazzled. We may not be loving ourselves enough to take time for restoring and recharging our souls. Or we may not be giving our time and energy to those we love the most. How do we find the harmony? It is in our intuition. Instead of searching outside and distracting ourselves from our truth, we find that the answers are within us at all times. Through the yoga we quiet our minds and open our hearts to receive. We rediscover our own wisdom. We learn ancient tools and techniques which enable us to tap into the bountiful gentle strength of motherhood.

As mothers we have the ability to fill ourselves with radiance, and to share this light with our families. The power of the Mother is within every one of us. As women we have the inspirational strength to transform and recreate. In order for us to operate smoothly, we need to have a tool bag filled with techniques for balancing the physical and emotional demands of motherhood. Yoga for Mothers provides many of these tools based on the wisdom of what has been effective through the ages. In modern times we have lost touch with much of this ancient wisdom, yet it is provided in a simple and loving style for all now.

During the workshops, counseling and/or with the video, you will practice meditations and yoga routines which will enable you to connect to your breath, practice extreme self-care, balance the sensitive brain activity needed to keep up with your children. You will harmonize the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to reduce your stress levels and neutralize adrenal fatigue. With Yoga for Mothers you will learn how to take action in your life to eliminate unnecessary stresses, draw healthy boundaries and determine your priorities. You shall learn simple tools for clearing away the commitments that are not serving you, and own tools for elevating your energy and mood. Yoga for Mothers will enable you to develop sensible tactics which transform and dramatically upgrade your life. Gracefully you shall tap into the ancient secrets of enjoying a happy, healthy and beautiful life with your family.