"Let us receive miraculous angels in our gardens. When we plant a healthy seed in a fertile and receptive home... shower it with love, trust and nurture we can accept and embrace the magnificent gifts of bloom." Karena Virginia

Mommies and Miracles

Would you like to enhance your ability to conceive a miracle? Do you feel ready to embrace the sacred abundance of love and goodness? There is a new birth taking place in humanity today, and the infinite path to abundance will open dramatically when we align ourselves with the high vibrational energetic frequency of this new horizon. Our manifestation capacity is beyond anything we can understand logically at this time, and miracles are occurring all around us. How about for you? It is your birthright to live an effortlessly happy, magically fulfilled, vibrant and healthy existence with flow and ease. As essential beings in a miraculous creation, some may be interested in consciously conceiving a beautiful and healthy baby, while others are ready to open the door to new loves, dreams, partners, prosperous endeavors, healthy bodies and joyful experiences. Karena Virginia, registered Hatha, Kundalini and Khalsa Way Yoga instructor as well as a certified Sat Nam Rasayan and Pranic Flow healer, developed the “Mommies and Miracles” ® program to support women with conception. After observing divine miracles with hundreds of students over the past ten years, Karena opened the program to all. The workshop will integrate thousands of years of wisdom, ancient technology and rejuvenating science through yoga, powerful mediation, yogic breathing, visualizations, mantra, writing, breath of life massage techniques, acupressure and heart opening exercises to align ourselves with the sacred flow of infinite abundance. Together with truth and gratitude we shall empower our light so we may create, project and achieve our deepest hearts’ desires with true love, divine healing and magical energetic joy.