“The gift of Karena is that she offers a whole new perspective on life.”
Bruce Springsteen

"Believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you."
Al Pacino

"To be in Karena's class offers one of those divine moments when my mind rediscovers that merger with God through positive intentions is entirely possible and totally real." ~ Snatam Kaur

"Karena is absolutely an angel. She is like a breath of fresh air." ~ Brian Bowler (Ambassador to United Nations)

"Karena sparkles with radiance like a rare diamond, and her magical energy is healing to all." ~Wah!

“Around 12 years ago, I was introduced to an Angel. Her name was Karena. I instantly connected with this amazing woman, and she has been my best friend ever since that day. I can tell you many stories about what an incredible person she is, but I would like to share the one that had the most impact on my life. After spending time with Karena and her first child, Gabriella, I saw first hand the incredible bond that existed between a Mother and her child. It was so beautiful, that it made me want to have a child of my own. Unfortunately for me, that wasn't so easy. After trying for quite some time, I underwent fertility treatments, which were emotionally and physically trying. There were even times when I felt like giving up. It was Karena who was there, every step of the way, reminding me that this was my dream and that I was a strong woman who could get through it. With her emotional and spiritual guidance, I was able to continue, and was blessed with twins!! Shortly after their birth, I was feeling the effects of postpartum depression. Emotionally, I was at the lowest point of my entire life. Everyday around 4:00 it hit me the hardest. Karena knew this, and everyday at 4:00 I received a call from her checking in on me. Our conversations consisted of her listening to me cry for about an hour each day. She never missed a day and finally I got through my depression. I cannot begin to explain how important it was to have someone listen and help me get through such a difficult time in my life. I just thank my lucky stars that I had my Angel, Karena, there to guide me!!”
Michele N.

”For the past 35 years, I have been blessed to know Karena Virginia. Since I was a little girl, she has continued to inspire me, touch my soul and help me through many difficult times. Yes…she is my sister and many would think it would be easy to speak highly of ones’ sibling. But Karena has been so much more than a sister and friend… she has been an expert in healing, parenting, loving and living. Karena has had the right answers and positive outlook for me in my time of need. Her expertise in nutrition, relaxation and meditation has assisted me in my role as a mother and wife and helped me hold on to my strengths who make me who I am; characteristics some can lose sight of when devoted to taking care of others.... Karena is not just a life changing yoga instructor. She is not just the best sister in the world. She is an inspiring soul who possesses a golden touch. May she touch your mind and soul and set your life at ease with her knowledge, sincerity and love.”
Stephanie B.

“I want to take a moment to thank you for your guidance and understanding while I was going through my 12 years of fertility issues. You helped me in ways that you probably didn't even realize. You're an exceptional listener and with that I was able to tell you all about the emotions I was experiencing through my journey. It was a long journey with many up and downs. You heard me, empathized with me and more than that was your compassion. You knew what it meant for me to have a baby, how important it was to me. You have to be one the most compassionate people I know. I can't thank you enough for being part of my journey. I will always love you and be thankful that you knew I'd be this blessed with my miracle Ava.”
Robin P.

“I have been practicing yoga for over thirty years and have had many wonderful teachers. Karena Virginia stands out, she's in a class of her own. She brings joy, happiness, love, expertise, lightness of spirit, grace, beauty, creativity and an open heart to every yoga class she teaches.  She is an outstanding teacher and healer, she glows with love of the her practice and shines her light on everyone.   I'm so grateful for being one of her students and look forward to every minute spent in her up-lifting classes.  Karena walks her talk and inspires me to practice and remain true to myself.  Sat Nam!”
Rosemary Pappa

“Karena reaches into the depth of the universal truth and makes it human, personal and understandable. She seems to connect the dots between the angelic, and the earth, between the scientific, the ancient and modern and what emerges is so completely alive and heartfelt - with a methodology that really works and a manner that uplifts the spirit. This is an exceptional thing, and I am deeply grateful for her work.”
Dharm Khalsa

“It is a true honor to know and work with Karena. She is one of the most authentic, genuine, humble, kind and loving women that I know. These qualities are so important especially when working with sensitive and intimate topics. She possesses so many gifts to share with the world, which help bring greater love and healing to the planet. I trust her guidance fully. Karena exudes graceful strength, embodies the feminine divine and her angelic light can brighten even the darkest room. Karena is truly beautiful on both the inside and out.”
Tisha L

“Your presence has changed my life. The other day when I was feeling self doubt you said... “You are enough.” I wrote that on a piece of paper, and placed it in my dance shirt. Now when I work with teenage ballerinas who are feeling challenged and competitive I remind them of what you said.. “You are enough.” What I want to share with you is that when you share your light with us, you are sharing it with so many others as well. It just trickles down. Thank you so much for everything. Your teaching is healing me, and bringing me a new found happiness. “When the student is ready the teacher will come.”
Kathryn B

“Karena teaches workshops in Los Angeles and New York City with a genuine calling to help women live in their happiness and truth. She embraces students with an ethereal heart opening approach of spreading angelic love and light to all. Karena has a deep understanding and compassion for the human psyche, and she finds incredible joy in serving others. It is a blessing to be in the presence of Karena's divine and beautiful energy.”
Gurmukh Khalsa

Karena Virginia is a blessing in my life. When we first met, I felt I was in the presence of someone truly special. Her honesty and sincerity in sharing her wisdom and light has been a precious gift. She graciously shares her loving spirit with all those she encounters. I direct all of my friends who wish to move into a more positive form of existence to Karena's website and Facebook page. I am grateful for all she has taught me and for every moment I am privileged to spend with her. Through Karena, I have learned to trust in myself, to love more deeply and to believe in miracles. God blessed us all when he created Karena. ~ Jeanette C.

I was so uplifted by reading the posts that I tuned into your video again last night after being away for TOO long. You ARE amazing. Your Source works through you. I am going to tune into your video every day. Thank you for sharing. ~ Carol C.

Karena Virginia's heart is infinite. Her beautiful smile infectious. Her generosity unreal. Her soul everlasting. Her spirit soars on and on. Her warm hugs live in my heart. Karena is patient and loving. Her teachings are clear and easy to follow. I encourage you to practice with Karena. She is a living miracle. ~ Jenna Z.

There are no words to express the depth of spirituality Karena's teachings take you to. With a voice like an angel, she guides you through releasing blockages within you and you can feel your vibration rising beyond your comprehension. There is something so special about her and the way she leads you through the Kundalini practice. Anyone who has the opportunity to take part in her teachings is truly blessed!! ~ April B.

"Karena showed me that miracles are possible. I had a baby at 47, and I do not know if I would have been able to get pregnant if it was not for Karena's constant reminders. I will be forever thankful to Karena, and we even named our daughter after her!
Debbie K.