Letters from Students

Dear Karena, Thanks you so much for all your love. Your letter had me weeping with gratitude. I can't thank you enough for being my Spiritual teacher. I hear your voice in my head when I need to be reminded that there is nothing to fear. I have the utmost respect for you, and you are my inspiration. This weekend was fabulous and I can't wait to see you next Monday with Snatam. xxxxoooo Love and Light, Jeanette

Dearest Karena, Thank you. I am so grateful for having been drawn to you, and felt incredibly connected upon our first meeting. I so appreciate your love and intuitive wisdom. I am, again, so grateful for your insight/guidance/understanding -- anything you see here that I'm not seeing. I do believe in miracles. I have since the day we met over two years ago. A boy from a small town in Arkansas makes his way up to this big, crazy city and meets a girl from Jersey on the subway -- it truly was a miracle from the start. Thank you for your message. You are incredibly appreciated. My love and gratitude to you. Now and always. Respectfully yours, Allison

Dear Karena, Here is a Lotus flower for you to thank you for your dedication and service to all your students. Studying with you has truly changed so many of our lives. We are so thankful to you. Love, Gay

Hi Karena, I just wanted to get out a quick email to let you know how much I loved your sadhana. Your voice and presence are ethereal. Your pure heart and love of God is evident. I hope you do another workshop soon in Glen Rock as I would love to practice with you again soon. Blessings, Nancy McGarry

Dearest Karena, I was so uplifted by reading the posts on Amazon from others, that I tuned into your video again last night after being away for TOO long. You ARE amazing. Your Source works through you. I am going to tune into your video every day. Thank you for sharing.... Blessings, Carole

Karena, my mom and I were with you at the Radiant women week, and also at Sat Nam east. I am taking my teacher training now and I wanted to tell you how you are such an inspiration. I love how you embrace true sikhism and kundalini but dress so beautifully. I got your dvd at Sat Nam east and absolutely love it. I think that people learning kundalini now, people who did not experience firsthand the teaching of Yogi Bhajan see you as a person they can identify with. You are an integral part of the golden chain, but put your own spin on it which is so wonderful. Sat Nam!
Johanna S.

You are such a cherished blessing in my life that I am so thankful for. What you have taught me has changed my life and changed my understanding of myself - into one of evolving as a spiritual woman. I will be forever grateful. This Day of Thanks I just wanted to share that with you. Also to thank you for the the amazing work and projects you do, and the openness you have shown in allowing me to serve the light in others. It gives so much meaning to my life just to be able to participate. Thank you, Karena.
Sarah J.

Hi Karena, I watched your DVD the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is really beautifully done! The part that I had the most impact was when you were describing your own experience with your father. I was also very close to my dad. I started to have my knee problem after my dad passed away ten years ago. Since October I have been going through thousands of photos in the house to put together an album of the precious moments with my dad. So when I heard your story in the video, tears kept coming down my face. It was a big release for me. I took a tub bath before I went to bed that night. The next morning, my knee pain was all better. Thank you!!!!
Polly C.

Karena! I have collected many yoga DVD's over the years, none have so positively affected me as yours, which is open deeply, personal and truly from the heart. I use one chapter in the morning to help energize me, one in the evening to help relax me, and other times I just listen to it for inspiration… it reminds us to spread peace, love and kindness and to let go of negativity and to "stop and smell the roses"!! You are like an Angel sent from the good forces of the Universe. I felt so broken and guilty and distraught when Timmy passed, but you gave me strength and hope. And now a beautiful baby and a loving family. You are a big part of that. Thank you, dear Karena.
Lisa M.

Hi Karena, I just wanted to get out a quick email to let you know how much I loved your sadhana. Your voice and presence are ethereal. Your pure heart and love of God is evident. I hope you do another workshop soon in Glen Rock as I would love to practice with you again soon. Blessings, Nancy McGarr

I started to go to yoga for the first time in my life 3 weeks ago, and I was amazed and saddened when I discovered how stiff, blocked and tense my body was. Instead of being a stream of energy I was a log or a knot of energy. And especially my back bothered me as it was hurtful sometimes. I just wanted to be myself, to be happy, to be healthy, to love and to be loved in a healthy happy relationship. I wanted to flow freely in this world, successfully accomplishing my purpose in life, and shining the way I should. This is why your workshop meant tremendously for me. Thank you so much for having appeared in my life, for having healed an important part of my soul, for helping me unlock myself, getting me back on my path to womanhood, and for listening to my story! Lots of enlightened love and gratitude, Ana Maria

Dear Karena, Good Morning, Many months ago I felt an urge to go to a yoga studio and participate in a class for the first time. You happened to have been there teaching and it was truly beautiful. I was going through the hardest months of my life, and was at a place where I needed to connect and live in my higher self, my true self. I had to lose almost everything that was not made of love in my life, just so that I could for once follow my true path. My soul had been telling me to meditate for many months. I was in need of a teacher. You appeared. I had been quiet for so long and desired the human connection and guidance. You are an angel. I don't have words. Thank you kindly, Claudia