"Let us receive miraculous angels in our gardens. When we plant a healthy seed in a fertile and receptive home... shower it with love, trust and nurture we can accept and embrace the magnificent gifts of bloom." Karena Virginia

Yoga for Healing

The Yoga for Healing program uses sound current, meridian stimulation, meditation, muscle relaxation, proper breathing and yoga movements to harmonize our endocrine systems, increase endorphins and serotonin, and allow the body to begin healing naturally. Yoga for Healing enables the body, mind and spirit to unite and balance. Healing truly begins with our thoughts. Once our thoughts have shifted into the awareness that we are entitled and worthy of healing, many other forms of medicine begin to work more efficiently.

Healing starts with healing the energy of the body by clearing blocks in our energy fields so that we can heal ourselves physically and emotionally, and be the magnificent beings that Spirit intended. The Yoga for Healing program holistically addresses thought patterns that are linked with illness while physically releasing trauma by bringing oxygen and positive life force to your glandular system and cells. In Yoga for healing you will learn methods for deep relaxation and meditations for deep transformation.

Medical technology has been magnificent in relieving illnesses but the yogic approach, has the ability to transform a being from disease to optimum health. Meditations and mantras have been proven on PET scans to change brain waves. Advanced medical scanning devices are actually showing how invisible energy fields are present in our bodies. Science is beginning to catch on, and some physicians are embracing these profound tools. The combination of Eastern philosophy and Western wisdom has proven to manifest incredible restoration in health and wellness.

Through the Yoga for Healing program, in addition to working on specific conditions, the entire being moves from a place of imbalance to a place of synchronicity and bliss. We replace our fears with positive affirmations and love. The techniques used in Yoga for Healing are technologies which expand the awareness of our capabilities. You can find hope. You know what you need to do, and your intuition is the tool which will lead you to the path of renewal. Do not be afraid… your heart is showing you the way. Trust. Miracles are waiting. Ask and you shall receive.

We receive healing when we learn the art of surrender, and allow the energy to glide through our bodies. Then we become like a stream of nourishing water…fluid and graceful. We are all meant to live happy and healthy lives. As Yogi Bhajan always said, “It is our Birthright.”

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