Yoga for Fertility

Karena developed Mommies and Miracles® Yoga for Fertility as a method for supporting women who long to conceive, receive and obtain pure love, fluidity, light and bliss. The Yoga for Fertility method is based on opening the subtle energy flow within the body and aura ~ the electromagnetic field that surrounds our body. Yoga for Fertility uses a balance of yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercise, guided visualization for attracting light, deep relaxation and one on one coaching, to release blocks and attune the energy of the whole being to the inner connection of truth. While the teachings used are based on science and technology, they gracefully teach the art of surrender and the law of magnetism. The techniques we use in Yoga for Fertility will enable you to match your vibrational energy to your highest dreams. You have the means to create a life of magic. The power is yours when you learn how to ask with alignment and expectation, while opening yourself to receive with gratitude and joy. It works. It is quite an amazing miracle in itself, and is a secret to honest life fulfillment.

Karena has worked with many women to achieve success in conception and pregnancy. She has seen miracles take place for women in the most amazing and profound ways. As women, it is our birthright to be happy while embracing an empowering life, flowering with beauty and radiance. The universe is an abundant castle. We have the ability to create lives revealing plentiful grace and divine miracles.

There is something quite magical about this work when we embrace the natural flow of ingenuous blossom. When we allow and trust the process of manifestation, we release old thought patterns that hold us back from creating our dreams. Hindrances occur only when we allow our fears and thought patterns to block us from tuning into our true love and endless divinity. Karena’s Yoga for Fertility program allows women to find inner stillness and timeless understanding within themselves, so abundance may enter into their lives. In the society we live in today, trust and acceptance are often skills we need to learn through training the mind and physical body.

Life is so much easier when we allow universal flow to be our means for moving forward into the ocean of abundance. When we become receptive to our true essence and connection to source energy, the flow becomes a stream of gentle movement allowing us to transport our energy through frustrating blocks and resistances.

The longing for conception can be an extremely emotional and stressful process. Karena has worked with thousands of women, and you can feel very safe and comfortable opening your heart to hers. If you are interested in learning more about the Yoga for Fertility program for yourself or someone you love, please contact Karena at