The Power of Kundalini Yoga

with Karena Virginia

featuring music by Snatam Kaur

We are living in a time where our thoughts are moving at an accelerated pace, and if we use this force of light wisely, we can manifest a life beyond our wildest dreams. Karena conveys an extremely profound message for modern times – everything is possible when you hold high frequency thoughts. With Kundalini Yoga and Inspirational Wisdom, you will learn the secrets to illuminating the sacred space around your body so you may become a magnet for attracting love, abundance and miracles.

This video includes:
  • Magnetizing your Personal Energy Field
  • Yoga for Flowing Energy
  • Yoga for Attracting Abundance
  • Yoga for Miracles
  • Deep Guided Relaxation
  • Meditation for Gratitude

You may practice the yoga exercises one chapter at a time…or simply relax and listen as the scientific and subliminal inspiration heals your subconscious mind, body and spirit.

View the trailer below: