The Law of Attraction

When you shift your perception, you can open your life to true abundance; and altering your thoughts from fear to love using the simple strategy of attraction paves the way for miracles. The law of attraction uses the electromagnetic frequency of our own thought patterns to attract desirable frequencies, and to draw desirable consequences into our lives. Miracles can be yours. The effect of one frequency on another is the science of wave dynamics. A sequence of frequencies can be structured to naturally bring about a harmonious conclusion. By consciously practicing to hold a thought pattern in our consciousness, the law of attraction can be used to bring about a conclusion that one wants to attract. This may sound very scientific, yet the science is the proof. The reality is simple….we truly can have what we desire. It is the universal law, and is the basis of the saying, “be careful what you pray for.”

There are two emotions… fear or love. Fear is where the mind allows the ego to be in charge. Its constant mind chatter keeps reminding you of all the reasons you are not worthy or entitled to a life full of miracles. Dr. Wayne Dyer says the EGO stands for Edging God Out. Love is when we trust our hearts. God is Love. The universe is a palace of love, and you are worthy of having the life of your dreams. Believe and you shall receive. Love is the highest law of the universe, and with love everything is possible. You have everything you need…. when you just believe.

We obtain what we focus our projection on. If in our entire being we allow the vibration of abundance, we will experience abundance and all its harmonies will flowing to us. If, however, we resist, and restrict, and focus on all the reasons that we are not getting what we desire, we will hold on to what we resist, and all the harmonies of that negative thought will come into our lives. The art is to use our inner frequency consciously. Yes…. at times we get stuck. Yet, with the yoga techniques for miracles, we shift the flow and the abundance becomes vast. With this practice, we can increase our capacity to hold the vibration within our beings. Fear is a restriction. Love is the truth. Miracles become yours.

The mind is a wonderful and marvelous gift. When the mind is used to focus intention so many doors can be opened. But often we get tangled up in the very operation of our own mind. Yet, with know-how and practice we get better and better, and our minds become amazing engines in achieving a life aligned with abundance and miracles! When the mind spins out of hope and into fear, we create even more of the emotion of lack. Yet, when we focus on love and gratitude, we can create more of the same. It is like a snowball…. what we focus on increases in size.

One wonderful way to do this is with expectation. Expectation and anticipation are actually incredibly powerful forces within our spirit and bodies. When we expect goodness, and align our thoughts with our dreams, the world opens and everything is possible. Scientists measuring brain patterning are able to see changes in brain activity during the pattern of anticipation. Our glandular system secretes differently, and we experience changes in our electromagnetic radiance, our aura. By expecting goodness, grace, and grace, with all our being, the harmony will result in attracting things of the same vibration to you. Expect a miracle… you will receive one.

Here is a little secret I will share with you…. when you wake tomorrow morning, say thank you to source energy for gifting you with a day of miracles. Children are so good at this. My children do it on the way to school. We say, “Something fabulous is going to happen today.” It still amazes me when I pick them up, and they say… “It worked!” Just last week, Christian was selected to read to the entire elementary school. He said “Mommy, how did you do that?” I explained that I didn’t do anything, and he himself had manifested it all on his own by aligning with the positive thoughts that something fabulous would happen that day. It is truly that simple. We just make these things complicated because we question simplicity, and we resist.

Allow the flow. Surrender. Trust that goodness is flowing through you, guiding your way on, and has its own loving wisdom for you. I have seen the law of attraction work for so many people. It always involves surrender of the mind games that we think we need. This can be so scary, and there is a balance point. But, the truth is when we over think and obsess on something, we create more of the same problem. When we release the thoughts from spinning into fear, we can be in the flow of happiness. Swimming upstream is exhausting and a waste of precious energy. Staying in the flow will help you radiate and smile in the miracle of your life, while gliding through moments with ease and faith. You will remember that everything is in divine order, timing is perfect, and synchronicity paves the way for your abundance. Relax and Receive. Be still and know. Breathe deeply, and let go. Shine your love, and release your fear. Peace is yours… right now.

This is quite a long website description, yet it is my gift to you. Giving is part of my flow, and I guess I am blessed in feeling very comfortable in opening my heart to love. I do have other fears… yet have found that this work has healed me on so many levels. Many of those secrets to happiness are in my videos as well…. all for you.

Follow your heart. Trust your heart. Remember that you can draw abundance and miracles into your life by radiating and shifting your perception from fear to love. I want to share with you all the amazing tools that have helped so many people. You can trust me. I promise. xo