Yoga For Attracting Miracles

Life is a miracle. We call it a miracle when something marvelous happens seemingly against all odds, even when we can’t imagine how it was possible, and yet it is real and we have such spontaneous joy and gratitude. I have learned to depend on miracles. They are all around us. While miracles seem surprising at first, soon enough we see that our very conception was a miracle, and we are born from a miracle. All life has miraculous odds. Even the orbit of our planet earth around the sun… a perfect balance of weight and force that allows life and love to flourish is a miracle. The chance of matter going into orbit is almost impossible – one in zillions. By any scientific standard an orbit would be called impossible. Yet we depend on the sun to rise every day, and we plan our lives around it. Seasons come and go, and we are nourished every moment by this miracle.

When we block, when we have stress, and we are not open to the flow of nature, then we can get out of the flow of miracles. The personal orbit of our lives starts to wobble. Things that would normally come with ease, become unattainable. This can develop into an ongoing domino effect doubt and negativity, and soon we are trapped in a whirlpool of opaque density that blocks the flow of light into our lives.

Miracles happen with such ease when we surrender. Surrender means relaxing, trusting and knowing in the inner depth of our being that we are being taken care of. That the next breath will come. In our busy lives this state often takes practice. We become so out of alignment – adapting to external needs often means denying the natural wisdom of our own light. Surrender is not something that is always easy for us. In Fact, it can feel very frightening to simply allow nature to unfold its miracles. So, often times we need practical and effective techniques for creating the change and allowing the transformation.

Yoga and meditation provide such effective tools for getting out of our stress, that I have seen so many miracles as a result. It just takes combination of a little know how combined with steady dedicated practice to change habitual thought patterns. But with that practice, I have seen again and again that the flow returns. Nature is more powerful than our stress. Light is so much larger than darkness. Love prevails over fear. When we recognize the miracles that unfold naturally when love is present, we begin to trust the magic, and life becomes a joy.

I expect miracles. Will you join me?